I wouldn’t call myself a runway fashion expert. I’m definitely not a makeup artist. I don’t desire to stay THAT fashion-forward (picture Kendall Jenner with the oversized beanie. Yikes!). Nevertheless, I’m a gal from Wisconsin and I know what I like and the inner hoarder in me LOVES a good deal (thanks, grandma).


I love to stay in the know with what’s trending for average people like you and me (and I think I’m pretty good at it?).


If I had to define myself, I’d say that I’m just the right amount of basic (I like to think I coined the phrase). And for those of you that know me personally, you know I’m not afraid to make fun of myself for it. I’m sarcastic and have little to no shame (whether you love or hate that about me is beside the point). 


Writing has always been a passion of mine both as a career and hobby. I currently work as an e-commerce merchandise copy editor for a national retailer. Along side that, my love of accessories, shoes and clothes has been a part of me from the get-go.


When I'm not discovering budget-friendly trends in the style world, I enjoy working toward a healthy lifestyle. I’m not the most coordinated person you’ve ever met and I’m far from competitive, but I do love workout classes like barre, HIIT and hot yoga. Don’t get me wrong though, I loveeee a good happy hour (hello, I’m from Wisco) and my favorite food is pizza, but I am a firm believer in balance. How do I find balance? My go-to is a salad for dinner and a pint of ice cream for dessert (you might think I’m kidding, but I’m not).


Over the last few years I’ve found passion in discovering safer and plant-based beauty brands. I’ve had a few experiences in my life that have led me to this and I believe it’s truly important to cherish your body both inside and out. As explained above, I’m not perfect. I still love deep-fried food and a good glass of wine, but I believe that as long as you’re making strides in the right direction, that’s progress.


To sum things up, I’ve been told I have a good sense of style and should start a fashion/lifestyle blog, so that’s valid, right? Hopefully all of you weren’t lying to me because this could get awkward…


Ultimately I just want to make you laugh while my inner basic B and writer side collide to create this thing called a blog.





Disclaimer: I am an employee of Kohl's corporate. My views on Kohl's brands, services and products are mine alone and do not reflect the views of Kohl's.  

© 2017 by Jo Marie MKE

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