Must-Have Lip Colors

April 24, 2017

Taking a timeout from style and sharing my must-have lip colors.


As some of you know, I’m slightly obsessed with Colourpop Cosmetics. Their lippie stixs are MY JAM and I always keep the colors below in my purse (well, aside from when I took these photos, ha! – dad joke).


What I love most about Colourpop’s lippie stixs is that the pigmented color is bolder and lasts longer than any tinted chapstick I’ve ever tried (seriously). The moisturized formula keeps my lips looking and feeling great for several hours without reapplying.


My favorites?


Contempo (aka the holy grail – literally the perfect shade for everyday wear), Lumiere (the go-to kylie dupe), Peacocky (a subtle red tint), Topanga (because 90’s kid) and Dazed (perfect for an unexpected night out).


Colourpop is always mixing things up, which I love about their company, but with that said, some of my favs aren’t available anymore.


If I HADDDD to replace my favorite reds (Ha! Let’s be real, I’m always stocking up), I’d choose these:


Bossy: a vibrant red for everyday wear 


Bichette: a richer red for date night or weekend wear


Discover your own favorites here!


Side note: almost all of the lippie stixs have a coordinating lip pencil to create a bolder look. Perfect for mixing and matching! I don’t always use a lip pencil, but when I do, my go-to is the Contempo pencil. I pair it with my favorite neutral/pink shades to brighten the color. I turn to the Bumble pencil to give my favorite reds a deeper look.


Stay tuned to hear about my other favorite Colourpop products!  



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