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My Dry Skin Remedy

Emu oil: It ain't Frank’s red hot, but I put it on everything.

For a little over two years I’ve dealt with extremely irritating eczema on my hands. I’ve tried everything from cortisone cream, glove in a bottle (yes, that’s a thing) and steroid ointments from my doctor.

At one point I attempted to cover my hands with lotion and sleep with cotton gloves on (that was fun). You name it…I gave it a whirl. Nothing worked. If anything, most chemical “solutions” made my eczema worse.

About a year ago my fiancé’s mom stumbled upon 100% pure emu oil at a local beauty shop (details below!) and it has been my go-to ever since.

Side note: It kind of drives me nuts that my doctor never recommended emu oil as an option. I will give her the benefit of the doubt though. Maybe she never heard of it. Nevertheless, I didn’t find any information online about pure emu oil with relation to eczema until I specifically looked into it. That’s why it’s really important to me to write this post. If you know someone with eczema or dry skin problems, please spread the word!

​Anyway, back to business. Here’s my obsession: Olivu 426 100% pure emu oil.

You might be thinking, why should I order from a little ole’ shop in Sheboygan, Wisconsin? Don’t knock it before you try it! I promise you’ll be obsessed too.

Not only does Olivu 426 sell amazing products, they truly care about helping their customers. Plus, free shipping on online orders over $75! So if you’re shopping online, be sure to grab yourself a bundle of goodies to try!

They carry a variety of products from face serums, charcoal scrubs and lip balm. Their customizable beauty products give you the opportunity to truly control your beauty routine and have a better understanding of what you’re using on your face, body and hair.

Since using the pure emu oil, I haven’t had to use ANY other products to keep my eczema in check.

If you’re curious as to what size bottle to purchase, here’s something to reference: I use the 8 oz. bottle and, with using it up to 3 times a day, it lasts me about 5 months.

Click here to learn more about how pure emu oil works to help protect your skin as well as how to use it to see the best results.

Pure emu oil’s benefits don’t stop with soothing eczema. Other uses I’ve read about include anti-aging, psoriasis, arthritis pain, sore joints and sunburn relief.

Although I haven’t used it for those issues specifically, I do use it regularly to moisturize my face and décolletage. On top of that, it helps tame flyaways when my hair is being unruly.

Thanks for reading! If you give this pure emu oil a try, please be sure to share your experience with me.

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