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Future Mrs. Balancing Health & Wellness

For the last few weeks I’ve wanted to write this post. Nevertheless, I found myself procrastinating per usual.

When Bridal Boost prompted me to write a guest post on wellness, I knew it was time to kick it into gear!

I want to preface this blog post with the fact that I’m not a health nut, but I do care about what I put into my body. In addition, I’m no health expert, but I do know what works for me and hopefully it can inspire you!

In my opinion, personal wellness means feeling good on the inside and out. To get to that point means balancing a healthy diet (bring on the veggies and fruit!) and working out. How do I maintain that balance? I set goals for myself and try not to make myself feel guilty for any hiccups along the way.

I’m the type of girl that eats a salad for dinner and a pint of ice cream for dessert. It’s all about balance, right?

Now that I’m a bride-to-be, I feel inclined to stick to my health and wellness goals more than ever. Not because I want to be a size zero, but because I want to feel my best for the big day.

So, what’s my advice with regards to wedding day wellness?

My advice would be to set reasonable goals. Whether those goals are daily or weekly, you’ll find yourself accomplishing those goals and it’ll get easier each time.

What kind of goals do I set for myself? What motivates me?

When I’m at the gym, my Fitbit Blaze is my #1 motivator. It counts average calories burned, so I set my goal for each workout based on that. If I’m feeling sluggish, I’ll set a goal of burning 300 calories. If I’m pumped up, I’ll aim for burning 500 or more.

Once I’m at the gym and my goal is set, I do whatever it takes to get there. To me, it doesn’t really matter how I get from 0 to 300 calories as long as I get there. Some days that means a slow uphill walk on the treadmill. Other days it means an hour of high-energy weight training.

What are my favorite workouts?

I’ve never been a cardio kind of gal. I really dislike running. To all you ladies that love running, please share your motivations below! I need to know your secrets.

That being said, my weekly routine consists of various interval training workouts. My goal each week is to accomplish at least two upper body workouts (back/biceps or chest/triceps) and one lower body workout (legs or booty). Interval training keeps me busy without getting bored. What I love most about interval training is that it gives you options. Not feeling motivated? Do a quick bicep/back workout. Feeling motivated? Go all out with a full-body circuit!

Not sure where to start? Check out my Pinterest page for interval training inspiration!

As far as meals go…

During the week, I start every day with the same breakfast. I’m not a big breakfast person, so my goal these last few months has been to treat breakfast more like fuel instead of food (i.e. fuel myself with nutrients and force myself to look away from the “food” aka donuts).

That being said, my favorite breakfast is whole wheat toast with peanut butter and fresh berries. It’s the perfect balance of carbs, protein and sugar and doesn’t weigh me down like a greasy breakfast sandwich or sugary waffles.

Side note: using fresh berries instead of jelly is a really easy way to avoid added processed sugar that makes you crash after a few hours.

If I have dinner plans during the week and know I won’t have enough time for a workout, I opt for a healthy lunch. My go-to is a leafy green and romaine salad tossed with lots of toppings. The prettier the salad is, the easier it is for me to trick myself into thinking it taste better than a slice of pizza (sigh).

All jokes aside, if you have the opportunity to take advantage of a salad bar either at work or near by, do it! It’s worth the cost because, if we’re all being honest here, nobody ever eats the salad they brought from home.

If I know I’m going to get a good workout in after work, I’ll splurge on some pasta from the cafeteria for lunch. When I splurge, I try to do so in a “healthy” way. I add pesto or marinara instead of fettuccine alfredo sauce. I load it up with chicken and lots of veggies. Last but not least, I force myself to pass on the breadstick (another sigh).

When it comes to dinner, the same rules apply. If I’m splurging on a burger, I’ll avoid the dessert menu. If I eat brown rice, veggies and chicken, I’ll treat myself to some post-dinner sweets. You know the drill!

So, there you have it! That’s how I fuel my week and maintain my version of a healthy lifestyle.

What motivates you? How do you balance your own personal wellness? Please share below!

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I'm expecting some future collabs with this amazing company too, so stay tuned!

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