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Flowers & Fashion

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Midsummer's Night Garden Party hosted by Vicki of La Tulipe and Madalyn of Madalyn Joy Designs.

There’s something about being surrounded in fresh blooms, modern fashion and champagne that makes a gal feel special.

Oh and one fabulous cake from Delicately Delicious that looked too good to eat!

Madalyn showcased her Blanc Collection and, let me tell you, it is every bride-to-be’s dream.

Her handmade, honeymoon-ready pieces feature delicate beading, feminine floral accents and soft tulle. I'm in love!

Her designs are amazing and her story is even better! The fact that she graduated just a year or so ago and has paved her own path to achieve such success is truly admiring. Thou she may be immersed in a lifestyle that some of us could only dream of living, it is easy to see that Madalyn stays humble. She welcomed new faces (like me!) with open arms.

Kudos to you, Madalyn! So happy for you and your success and I can't wait to see your designs at Milwaukee Fashion Week!

Also, a little shoutout to my favs, Katherine and Pam, for the invite!

These lovely ladies have shown me so much support in the little time that I've been blogging - can't thank them enough!

Vicki from La Tulipe is such a joy! There might have been a million things going on during the event, but that never deterred Vicki from taking the time to chat with all of the party guests.

Based on my social media posts, I’m sure you all know that I’m obsessed with her flower arrangements.

From simple and chic to elegant and robust, all of her designs are stunning in their own unique way.

The amateur photographer in me couldn’t help but snap photos all night!

At her Cedarburg location, Vicki is creating the perfect space for bridal showers, birthday parties and more. Her flower bar will let guests design their very own flower creations, including flower crowns similar to the one pictured above.

Flower crown making? Sign me up!

Thank you, Vicki, for being such a gracious host!

Looking forward to seeing you in the future because you know I’m serious about that flower crown making. ;)

Find out more about La Tulipe’s designs here.

Thanks for reading! Share the love below.

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