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Fall 2017 Denim Favorites

Summer is coming to an end. Temperatures are dropping! JK. I’m being dramatic.

But, doesn’t it seem like just yesterday it was the start of summer and now it’s practically the end of August? Le sigh.

The one thing that doesn’t leave me in a slump is the fact that fall fashion is right around the corner.

My favorite trend? High-waist jeans!

Ok. Ok. So, high-waist jeans aren’t exactly new to the fashion game, but I feel like every year brands continue to reinvent their high-waisted styles for a better fit.

So, where am I splurging on denim this fall? REVICE. I ordered from REVICE on a whim after one of my favorite bloggers posted about the brand. Between you and me, I’m one happy customer.

The only downside was that shipping took a hot minute. To be fair though, I ordered these during a BOGO craze, so they might have been overloaded with orders. Nevertheless, the customer service team was AWESOME with answering my emails and tracking my shipment.

Depending on what you typically spend on jeans, REVICE might be on the spendy side. In my opinion, the quality is worth every penny and it’s far cheaper than some comparable brands.

And honestly, I get a compliment every single time I wear these jeans.

Every. Single. Time.

I’m not saying that to toot my own horn. I’m just letting you know why I love ‘em.

I’d say the Uptown Stardust that I’m wearing below fit true to size, but REVICE recommends ordering a size or two up if you prefer a roomier fit.

Want a few more options to give your denim collection an upgrade? Check out more of my favorite jeans below!

P.S. Thanks to my Instagram followers for the feedback on your favorite places to shop for jeans!

I made sure to include picks from each store.


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