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Wedding Dress Shopping with Miss Ruby & Say Hello Story

I just want to start off by apologizing for taking so dang long to get this post up! I guess you could say that I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to wedding planning – especially a wedding blog post.

The last few weeks have been a blur of exciting influencer events, wedding planning and our trip to Portland, so I didn’t really have time to put my thoughts into words after wedding dress shopping in early September.

Alas, I’m finally typing up my thoughts and I’m kind of happy that I waited so long to bring this post together. It’s like getting to relive that special evening at Miss Ruby’s all over again.

Before I dive into this post, I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to Hillary of Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique and Alex and Kaitlyn of Say Hello Story.

Hillary was the ultimate stylist (and host)! Her years of experience in the industry were evident as she kept me sane when things started to get a little overwhelming. She has a knack for pulling dresses you think you might not love, but end up adoring! (P.S. she’s recently engaged, so drop her a congrats on Miss Ruby’s page!)

Alex and Kaitlyn are amazing photographers. Their work speaks for itself. Head on over to their Instagram page to see more! During the appointment, they made me feel beautiful and captured the perfect moments from that day. (P.S. They just tied the knot a few months ago. Send some love their way, too!)

Before I get started, why didn’t any of the Mrs. out there warn me that wedding dress shopping is basically like a mild workout?! I was sweating my tush off after just a few dresses. Ha!

And yet, Hillary made me feel completely comfortable! She turned what could have been an awkward and stressful situation (trying to find THE dress…no pressure there) into such an enjoyable experience.

To set the scene, Miss Ruby’s treated us to a Pinterest-worthy private appointment complete with fresh bubbly and the cutest mini cupcakes. Talk about a dreamy future bride experience – and such a fun collab!

I can’t imagine a better setting in Milwaukee to try on wedding dresses! The exposed brick, vintage furniture and elegant chandeliers made the experience just as beautiful as I could have imagined.

I loved it so much that I went back to capture a few additional photos of the boutique for this post! Check 'em out below. (Note: aside from the decor photos below, all photos in this post by Say Hello Story.)

Having an amazing support group made the memorable day that much sweeter!

Since I’m an only child, my besties ARE my sisters. Unfortunately my future sister-in-laws couldn’t be there that day, but I’m so glad I had my girls, my mom and Jacob’s mom by my side!

People always say that it’s best to keep your wedding dress appointment limited when it comes to friends and family (oh, and to avoid opinionated people), but I wouldn’t change a thing about bringing along an entourage!

Even if your friends are opinionated, don’t let that scare you! I think your closest friends will know when it’s the right moment to speak up and when to keep their mouth shut. (Well, hopefully.) Ha!

Let’s be real, sometimes your besties know you better than you know yourself! For me, when I felt like settling or was a little unsure, they pushed me to keep trying on dresses. When I couldn’t decide between pearls or rhinestones…they gave me that extra nudge in the right direction. And for that, I’m thankful! I needed that mix of opinions to help me find THE dress.

Speaking of THE dress…

Tears. Everywhere.


Haha! Don’t get me wrong. I’m COMPLETELY happy with my choice and obsessed with my dress. But, don’t let Say Yes To The Dress fool ya, the crying moment doesn’t always happen (and that’s ok!).

We kept joking during the appointment, “Where are the tears at? Who’s going to be the first to cry?!”. Finally, one of my bridesmaids and oldest friends let the tears loose and that’s when we all knew it was the one. <3

(Ok, now I kind of want to cry thinking about that moment.)

For all of the future Mrs. out there, don’t stress if the dress doesn’t bring you to tears. Once you’ve spent hours trying on dresses and realize the search is over, it’s ok to simply be relieved and happy without sobbing uncontrollably.

Along side my own wedding dress story, I wanted to showcase a few of Miss Ruby’s favorite styles for the upcoming bridal season (Don’t worry, just because I’m loving these trends doesn’t mean it’ll clue you into what my dress looks like. The dresses below were picked by Hillary, not me. No spoilers here!)

Juri by Enzoani – This dress is a showstopper! Modern and sexy, the full-length mermaid gown delivers elegance that’s sure to impress for the big day! This sultry style is definitely on the rise this season and perfect for brides that want a romantic and sophisticated look. I love the detailed bodice and low back!

Opal by Robert Bullock – This beautiful ball gown features an elegant v-neck bodice and lovely satin waistband. The button detail along the back is truly stunning. This is the perfect dress for a future Mrs. that loves a classic bridal look with a touch of modern charm. Personally, I adore the silhouette and shantung construction. It gives the dress a polished finish. Love!

Journey by Enzoani – This gown is simply stunning. I can’t get enough of how it perfectly combines the traditional elegance of lace with a modern mermaid silhouette. Complete with detailed spaghetti straps, this wedding dress offers a flattering fit that’s perfect for brides looking for an elegant and romantic look. My favorite piece of this dress is the tulle train and scalloped detail (make sure to take a closer look!).

What are you favorite wedding dress styles?

Comment below.

I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for reading and please share the love below.



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