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Fall 2017 Jacket & Coat Trends

Hey, hey! Sorry I’ve been MIA.

Freelance work (gotta build up that wedding fund, ha!) and upcoming collabs have taken up most of my time.

Hopefully the next few posts will be worth the wait! <3

In the meantime…

I’ve been stalking my favorite clothing sites to round up my favorite fall jacket trends, but it seems like mother nature is playing tricks on me.

Within a matter of two weeks we went straight from summer to winter. Wisconsinites, am I right?

So, for my Midwest girlies, this post might not be as helpful as I had hoped given the current forecast.

BUT, I have faith we’ll see a bit more of our beloved breezy fall days.

A girl can hope, right?

Even if the temps never heat up, the best part about fall jackets and coats is that they can be worn as easy layering pieces all winter long!

I don’t know about you, but my office is always freezing, so I love to rock a statement jacket (keep scrolling to check it out) with jeans and ankle boots. If you opt for more of a cozy pick (below is my new go-to), simply wear it as a cardigan over your favorite tank.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already had a glimpse of my must-have fall find.

This coat from Shein is a basic b’s dream come true. It has a quality look without the price tag. Woo!

Better yet, it comes in gray. I may or may not have ordered the gray after writing this post...

Side note: If you haven't ordered from Shein yet, please make sure to read the reviews. I love that their site offers affordable options, but I have heard of people having issues with sizing, etc. So, your best best is to check out the product reviews before adding to your cart!

I’m a lover of solids and neutrals for fall, so here’s a few more of my favs.

Target Who What Wear Bomber Jacket

Gap Wool Hoodie Coat

Lulus Bomber Jacket

Forever 21 Hooded Jacket

Nordstrom Rack Collarless Jacket

H&M Coat

I got the colorful statement piece below from Shein, too! If I’m honest, this jacket isn’t ideal for temps lower than 65 degrees, but it’s a great option for a night out with friends when you (hopefully) won’t have to brave the cold for too long.

Lookin' for more statement pieces? Check out my favs below for inspiration!

I've included a few classic prints as well as trendsetting styles.

Target Quilted Coat

ASOS Printed Bomber

Forever 21 Hooded Denim Jacket

Old Navy Textured Coat

Forever 21 Floral Cropped Jacket

Lulus Plaid Coat

Thanks for reading!

As always, please share the love below.


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