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Holiday Gifts from Red's Mercantile

If you're like me, you're probably last-minute holiday shopping at this very moment and there's no shame in that! Let's face it. Our lives are busy! People have been last-minute holiday shopping for years, so don't sweat it. We're all in the same boat here.

Good thing there's this thing called the internet.

Looking for inspiration on where to start online shopping? Check out my new favorite, Red's Mercantile, here.

Based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (yay, local business love!), this lifestyle shop makes gift giving easy. Check out their holiday gift guide here. Wether you're looking for gifts for the foodie in your life or your momma, they've got you covered! You might even stumble on a few favs for yourself along the way.

Remember my motto...a gift for them and a gift for you. ;)

To kick off the holiday season, Red's Mercantile surprised me with a few goodies. Weeee. So sweet! Regardless of the gifts, my opinions in this blog post are my own.

Pinky swear.

First up, these Nines earrings. I love the dainty silhouette and stylish gold finish. The pretty pair had me feeling dressed to the nines (lolz) in the coziest way possible for my holiday shoot this past weekend! I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of dainty jewelry this winter. Simplicity is key when dressing up your favorite cold-weather looks.

Here are a few more of my favs: jet black stacking ring, starlight choker and peach studs.

Fellas, surprise your lady with one of these picks and I can almost guarantee you'll win some major points!

Ladies, print off this blog post and hang it up in your man's closet as a hint. (I wish I was kidding.)

Second up, this face-saving cleansing milk by Birchrose + Co. Infused with watermelon and white tea extracts, this gentle exfoliator feels great on my skin! When I say gentle, I mean it. I usually prefer a heavier exfoliant because I wear a lot of makeup, but I think the gentle exfoliating beads are perfect for this winter. The cold Wisco weather is rough enough on our skin, so it's never a bad idea to turn to something more soothing to avoid further irritation.

Check out my other favs from their personal care selection: facial beauty kit, homemade beauty product book and bath bomb.

Guys, GET YOUR GIRL THE FACE KIT. She will love you.

Ladies, you know the hint hint drill.

As always, thanks for reading! Hope you find exactly what you (oh and your friends/family) are looking for this holiday season.

Until next time.



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