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Life Update & Vacation Skin Prep

I definitely dropped off the blogging map for the last few weeks, so I hope you all forgive me. Let’s be real, I know you will. ;)

I took that time to focus on family and friends – oh and the freelance side gigs I picked up along the way. Woo!

I haven’t shared this with everyone, but my ultimate goal for the blog was to build my resume to the point where I could land side hustle opportunities that would help me save for the wedding/our future home.

Seeing that goal come to life has been really exciting for me! However, with that goal came a battle of feeling really overwhelmed by a tedious to-do list of balancing my full-time job, friends, blog events, Instagram content, side gigs, wedding planning, working out…

Gah! The list goes on.

With that said, it was / has been really important to me to take time away from the screen to focus on REAL LIFE and not get caught up in the chaos.

Clearly there wasn’t not enough time in the day (heck, week!) for me to accomplish all of the above, so I had to pick and chose my battles. It was superrr easy for me to get lost in everything and lose track of the things that really matter in life, but I think I’m finally finding the balance! :)

I’m back with a quick blog post on my vacation skin prep (yeah, it literally has nothing to do with my personal details above, ha!, but that’s how I do). Check out the deets below:

Love this stuff! I was sent this product for free awhile back, but my opinions are my own. Check out my original post here.

Self tanning starts with the RIGHT body scrub. It’s key for prepping your skin. Not only is this body scrub made with natural goodness, I feel like it lasts forever (or maybe I just hoard my freebie products…idk).

My advice for avoiding self-tanner buildup? Make sure to scrub the trouble spots: ankles, elbows and knees.

Speaking of trouble spots…

I use the Beautycounter Baby Balm to moisturize my ankles, elbows and knees prior to using my favorite self-tanner (keep reading). The balm is simple and straightforward, which is why I love it! (Never thought I'd describe a balm that way. Ha!) It's fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skin.

Something that might be surprising about my routine is that I DON’T moisturize my entire body before using the Organic Pharmacy Self Tan. Why? Honestly, I don’t feel like you need to. The Organic Pharmacy Self Tan has its own hydrating qualities that do the trick.

So, just get the trouble spots. If you forget, simply apply to the dry areas after using the self tan.

I have been on the hunt for a safer self-tanner for months. Nothing seemed to work and I wasn’t about to use some chemical-infused crap that would make me orange (this ain’t the 2000s). I read about this product on Goop and figured I’d give it a go.


My advice for avoiding streaks? Apply in sections.

Left arm, wash hands

Right arm, wash hands

Neck and chest, wash hands

You get the gist.

Note: The first time I used this I did NOT use the sections technique and I did NOT wash my hands until the end. The result? I didn’t notice any streaks, BUT my palms were definitely a little discolored.

So, use the sections trick and wash your hands to avoid issues.

Whether you're at home or away, sunscreen is key!

Most of you know that I’m passionate about Beautycounter and creating a safer skincare/beauty routine for myself (and all of you!), so I obviously wanted to share these sunscreen products.

The face sunscreen is one of my recent purchases and I love it thus far! With its smaller size, it’s perfect for travel. Here's the link to the body stick as well as the all over sunscreen (more practical for everyday use this summer).

I was sent this product for free, but my opinions are my own – and I love what BB is doing!

In general, their tanning oils are safer than similar products in the industry. Plus, they’ve got a passion for specializing in what they do and it shows! Their products are great for keeping your skin moisturized while hanging out at the beach (but don’t forget the sunscreen first!)

That’s it! Now, go book a trip with your besties. You deserve it.

Thank you, again, for continuing to follow along.

Soooo much love for all of you and your support! I promise it won’t be a full month until my next post. ;)

Share the love below.



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