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Fashionable & Functional Winter Wear

Remember that time I promised I’d start writing blog posts more often?

Eeeekkk…sorry. I really tried. I swear!

My side hustle takes up most of my free time, but I’m beyond thankful for the readers who keep up with my on and off blog content. <3

To be honest, I’ve thought about giving up blogging until after the wedding (whatttt?), but I decided to keep up with it when I can!

P.S. if you have a blog post idea for me, send it my way in the comments section or on Instagram.

Anywho, as promised on Instagram, here’s a post on my favorite fashionable, practical (and pretty affordable!) places to buy winter gear. As winter comes to an end, it's time to keep your eyes open for sales!

- Eddie Bauer -

Eddie B is my jammmm! Partially because I secretly love that Bauer will be my new last name, but mostly because they have amazing customer service and durable products.

I purchased this hooded down parka a few seasons ago and still use it today!

This stadium coat is similar to the style I'm wearing above. I found it at an Eddie B outlet and like to call it my Antarctica jacket because it protects me from even the worst Wisco weather! It's a bit of a splurge, but worth the $$.)

I don't know about you, but I love a good down vest ...and for less than $50, this millennial pink option is worth it!

- L.L. Bean -

I’m a big fan of bean boots! I purchased the 6" style for our trip to Portland and have zero regrets. These cozy and durable boots are perfect for easy hikes and exploring. To top it off, you can always layer them up with thick socks when the temps drop.

If you're looking for something with lining, check out these shearling-lined boots!

Talk about sales...this jacket is on sale for less than $115!

- Nordstrom -

I've scored a couple of favorite winter pieces from Nordstrom around this time last year. That being said, I'd highly recommend looking through the sale racks and searching the website for sale items soon!

Nordstrom is definitely where you'll score the perfect combo of fashion and function, like this cozy wool coat. Warm and stylish? What a win-win!

This quilted coat looks SOOOO cozy. There are only a few sizes left though, sigh, but I wanted to share it anyway for inspiration. :)

Gotta love a classic anorak jacket with faux-fur trim. Am I right? This one is on sale for less than $100!

So, there ya have it...

A few of my favorite places to shop for winter jackets, vests and more!



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