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Wedding Prep with ReFresh Aesthetic Center

So I’ve been keeping a secret…

Well, not really. I whine about this all the time to my friends and family.

My necklace lines!

What are necklace lines? I’m convinced it’s a problem that all natural redheads face (i.e. one of my besties, Connie Britton, Lindsay Lohan, etc. etc.), but that’s just my non-scientific assumption.

In all seriousness, necklace lines are exactly what they sound like: wrinkles on your neck that look like necklaces. And I’ve been struggling with mine for as long as I can remember.

Sure, there are probably ways to avoid it. Step 1: don’t constantly look down at my phone. Butttt when my work/side hustle revolves around my phone and computer, it’s kind of tough!

So, with wedding photos approaching, I decided to try something new…

Injectables. Dysport to be specific!

I know people have their own hard-and-fast opinions on this topic, but when something really bothers you to your core, I think it’s OK to want to do something about it…even if it seems like a change you’d never undergo. DO YOU, GIRL (and GUY!).

Once I (mostly) had my mind made up and was 90% sure I would go through with it, I knew I needed to find the perfect place in Milwaukee to answer all of my questions.

That’s when I discovered ReFresh Aesthetic Center. ReFresh offers a variety of non-surgical aesthetic services from clinical skin care, aesthetic injectables and lasers, to pampering treatments.

Being a newbie, I had a lot of questions. Trish, one of ReFresh’s Aesthetic Nurse Specialists, was there to calm all of my nerves. Seriously, she’s one of the sweetest people that I’ve ever met!

From the consultation to the official appointment, I felt so comfortable thanks to the ReFresh team. It’s evident that they truly love what they do and want to provide the best experience for their clients. Want to learn more? Head to their website, here.

Disclosure: My ReFresh treatment was free in exchange for this honest review.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my appointment and overall, I’m really happy with the results! Please forgive my terrible before and after photos, but I think you get the gist.



The difference might seem subtle to some, but it’s noticeable to me! Trish warned me it wouldn’t be a drastic change (love their honesty at ReFresh!) and that if I wanted to see a real noticeable difference before the wedding, I probably should have started earlier in the year (sigh, that’s my indecisive mind for ya!).

Either way, I’m happy! I have a follow-up appointment in a few days for final touches before the wedding, so stay tuned for updates near the end of September!

Thanks for reading!



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