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My Invisalign Experience Update

It’s officially been 3 weeks, y’all! So I wanted to share my experience with Invisalign thus far for those that have been asking or want to learn more.

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Before I dive in, I’ve received quite a few questions on why I didn’t go through another option like Smile Direct. Honestly, I feel like if you're going to commit to fixing your teeth...just do it right. With other options, I didn’t feel like you get the quality service and attention that you get with actual dentistry. The technology isn’t as advanced and I didn’t want to risk wasting money just to have to have it not work and then turn around and spend even more money to get it done the right way.

Plus, I loved the idea of having an actual in-person consultation, easy access to my Dr. if something feels off, etc. and consultations are free, so why not at least check it out, right? P.S. click here to watch a quick clip from my Instagram on how cool the 3D image is! No gross molds at home. Just an easy scan and you’ll get to watch your teeth transform to your perfect end results.

Back to my 3-week update…

To be completely honest, on day 1, I was a little worried. I was struggling to get the trays out and wasn’t thrilled about the 27 attachments on my teeth. But 3 weeks later, my perspective has changed a lot!

I can pop the trays out no problem and you can’t even see the attachments when I talk (see my Instagram 'Invisalign’ Highlights of me showing the attachments with my trays on vs. not).

If there’s one thing I want to get across to y’all it’s don’t let the idea of attachments deter you! Dr. Tikalsky told me I have the MOST attachments he’s ever had to put on a patient because I have so much crowding. I feel like I should get a prize for this, right? Ha!

But in all seriousness, the number and placement of your attachments is 100% dependent on what’s going on with your teeth. I have friends that have only had 4 attachments and others with 10. You’ll learn all about it during your free consultation and you’ll also be able to see a 3D image of where the attachments will be on your teeth before you commit.

As far as how it fits into my lifestyle…it fits in pretty seamlessly!

You shouldn’t drink or eat anything (other than water) when your trays are in and, ideally, your trays should be in 20 hours a day. Sounds a little scary, right? I was worried at first too...I mean it’s summer in Wisconsin, I feel like I’m eating and drinking all the time...

But, it's really not that bad! Just plan accordingly. If I know I’m going to have a Saturday full of snacks and bevvies where I might need to keep them out for more than 4 hours, I try my best to be good about it the days/week leading up to it. From what I understand, it’s not the end of the world if you have those kinds of days as long as it’s not back-to-back.

With working from home full time, it’s super easy to pop out the trays, eat lunch, brush my teeth, clean my trays and pop them back in. So, if you’re still working from home or plan to for the foreseeable future, I encourage you to think about the convenience of that. Now is the time! :)

Ok, so what about the Invisalign lisp? (This is definitely not a real industry term, but I’m using it anyway.). The first few days I felt like I had a little lisp, but once I was used to talking with the trays, it wasn’t a problem. From the get-go, people told me they never noticed a difference, so maybe it was all in my head anyway! ;)

If you’ve made it this far, I hope this gives you some perspective and answers any questions you might have had! If not, feel free to shoot me an email ( or DM me on Instagram (@jomariemke).

Or, better yet, head to The Dentists on Bluemound’s page to book a free consultation to get ALL the details! (And mention my name for your 10% off for treatment.)

Thanks for following along - I’ll report back more updates near the middle and end of my treatment!



Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Dentists on Bluemound as I’m receiving a discount on services for this collaboration.

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