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My Self-Tanning Routine & Recommendations

Y’alllllll, I think I’ve found the holy grail of self tanners. I used to swear by The Organic Pharmacy’s Self Tan and I’ve written about it before, but my new fav takes the cake! Plus, it’s more affordable! Definitely not mad about that! ;)

Let me introduce you to No. 32 Hydrating Gradual Self-Tanning Cream by Lux Unfiltered. Infused with shea butter, cocoa butter and passion fruit oil, this self-tanning cream is sooo easy to apply and allows for buildable color, which I love! No streaks. No orange color. No nasty smell. It’s the $hit, honestly.

PSA: this self-tanning cream is only for your body.

Soooo, what about my face then??

Girllll, I gotchu. I’m loving the Self Tan Drops by Isle of Paradise. The drops are available in Light, Medium and Dark. My skintone is uneven with redness, so I opt for the medium drops. The green color-correcting actives help cancel out red tones for a really natural-looking golden tan. Tan + reduced redness = I’m sold! Care though - these drops are strong, so I use lightly for your first time!

Lux Unfiltered also carries Bronzing Face Drops. I haven’t tried yet (I’m waiting until I’m done with my Isle of Paradise drops), but if it’s anything like their self-tanning cream, I’m sure it’s amazing too.

If you’ve made it this far, you might be wondering if I have any tips for application. And, even if you weren’t wondering, I’m still going to share them with you. ;)

Exfoliation is key! PSA: I recommend using an exfoliator that’s specifically designed with self-tanning in mind. Everyday exfoliators can leave residue or include ingredients that may hinder your tan.

I love the Body Polish from St. Tropez. I know they recommend using it 24 hours before applying your self tan, but I don’t do that. My self-tanning routine is more of a nightly vibe, so I shave, exfoliate and apply my self-tanner before bed.

Once you’re ready for your self-tan, follow the Lux Unfiltered tips or check out Sivan’s (the creator) Instagram highlights for best application. Working the product in circular motions is a GAME CHANGER. Definitely helps to prevent streaks.

I typically only apply once a week. If I want a tan for the weekend, I apply on Wednesday or Thursday night and I’ll have decent color / minimal fading through Monday.

Aside from Lux Unfiltered's tips, I do the following:

  • When applying to places like elbows, knees and ankles, only apply the excess that’s left on your hands after applying to the main body part. If that makes sense? So, if I’m applying on my legs, I’ll do my entire leg first then finish up with the minimal amount of product that’s left on my hands on my ankles, feet and knees.

  • Wash hands after each limb. I knowww that’s super annoying, BUT it definitely helps to prevent having wildly tan palms.

  • After applying all over, wash your hands one last time and use the St. Tropez Remover Mitt and Tan Remover Moose to scrub the palm of your hands. It sounds so tedious, I know, but this has worked wonders for me to avoid build up on my hands.

  • Lastly, apply the smallllessttt amount on the top of one of your hands and rub the top of your hands against each other to get color on the top without getting it on the palm. Rub into your wrist/lower arm area as well to blend.

Problem spots after the tan has developed? The St. Tropez Remover Mousse works wonders to remove where you want to without completely ruining your tan. I’ve always got it on standby!

Last but not do I maintain my tan? My favorites are the Lux Unfiltered No. 14 Conditioning Body Cream (santal scent is so yummy!) or St. Tropez Tan Body Moisturizer (not the best smell, but gets the job done). Similar to exfoliator, it’s best to use a moisturizer that is meant to work with your self tan to help reduce fading and breakup. Personally, I’ve definitely noticed a difference. I moisturize right away the next day and aim for at least once a day after that.

Phew, ok, that’s it! This may have been a long-ish blog post, but I swear the self-tanning process is quick and well worth it because, I don’t know about you, but I always feel better with a tan.



P.S. - If you’re interested in shopping any of these products for yourself, I would really appreciate you purchasing the scrubbing mitt, exfoliator, remover or Lux Unfiltered lotion through my Amazon Storefront. It’s an affiliate link that allows me to earn a leeettttle compensation for this side hustle at no additional cost to you. :)

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